Indications (US Only)

The IMPEDE-FX Embolization Plug is indicated for use with the IMPEDE Embolization Plug to obstruct or reduce the rate of blood flow in the peripheral vasculature.


The IMPEDE-FX Embolization Plug has received FDA 510(k) clearance.

Product Details

The IMPEDE-FX Embolization Plug consists of a biodegradable shape memory polymer (SMP) plug with a proximal marker band. The SMP is formulated to expand from its crimped shape when deployed into a blood vessel. The expanded polymer scaffold design provides an ideal structure for fast, stable, clot formation.

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Fast, Stable, and Atraumatic Delivery and Occlusion – Innovative design enables quick, easy deployment, and vascular occlusion with low radial force and high vessel conformability, even in tortuous vessels.

Unique Mechanism of Action – SMP enables efficient clotting and integrative healing. Upon deployment of the SMP plug, thrombosis begins as a multitude of clots rapidly form within the polymer scaffold.

Easy Navigation – The IMPEDE-FX Embolization Plug advances through tortuous anatomy with limited friction, minimizing the potential of damaging blood vessels.

Promotes Healing – SMP has been proven effective in promoting collagen formation during advanced stages of healing in animal models.

Instructions for Use


  • IMPEDE-FX Brochure - US Only (New look coming soon, Jun 2019)


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